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All About {PRESENT}ation: 7 Creative Ways to Wrap Gifts

We typically put some thought into gift buying, pondering what the receiver may hope for, anticipating the look on their face as they open their presents from us. But, ironically, we don’t put a whole lot of thought into wrapping these special offerings.

Here are 7 Creative Ways to Wrap Gifts. Your receiver will relish in delight as you hand them a beautifully packaged endowment!

1. Old Photos On Paper. This is a simple statement that will be meaningful to the recipient. All you need is some old photos and a printer. Perfect for small gifts!

Image Source: Sweetpaulmag, Online.

2. Brown Paper Bag. There is something so timelessly classic about wrapping a gift in brown paper. It gives you a clean palette to work with, and you can add many decorative touches of your choice!

Image Source: Topinspired, Online.

3. Hamburger Wrap. Okay, so this one is a little over the top. There are suppliers of sesame seed bun and burger print paper! I’ll bet you could do this with regular paper in similar patterns. This is perfect for the occasion when you have to wrap a lot of gifts. You might as well make it funny!

Image Source: imgur, Online.

4. Crayon and Paper. This is the perfect way to wrap a gift for the creative person in your life. All you need is some plain white paper, and a basic set of crayons!

Image Source: Craftfoxes, Online.

5. Heart Cut-Out. This is such a clever idea! All you need is to wrap your gift twice- the outside layer with half-hearts cut and folded outwards. I’d recommend using a utility knife as opposed to scissors.

Image Source: DailyWT, Online

6. Word Search. Print out a word search of your choice online, with the keywords you would like to circle on your gift, according to the occasion. Use festive markers to circle, and viola! Your own creative touch.

Image Source: Notonthehighstreet, Online

7. Newspaper. Look through your old newspapers for a fun and interesting article, and use that as the theme of your wrapping paper. Since newspaper is a fairly neutral palette, you can add some touches of whimsy with ribbon, fresh pine, or decor of your choice!

Image Source: Seattle Times Online

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