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Locally Owned since 1984


Our Back Story:

Terri D's Catering Inc. was founded in 1984 by wife-and-husband duo, Terri & Chuck Doremus, along with their son, Blair Doremus, in an effort "to put smiles on the faces of friends.” Starting from small beginnings, Terri D's Catering Inc., originated from the Doremus' family home kitchen, where Executive Chef, Terri, would create delectable homemade dishes for social gatherings. Word spread within the community about the Doremus' delicious food and event service, and a pleasurable pastime quickly became a full-fledged catering business.    

Over the course of 36 memorable years, the Doremus' poured their hearts into building a company with values that remain true to this day – delivering delicious food and exceptional service with a modern, yet classic, culture .

In 2020, the Doremus' transferred business ownership to local pioneer in the food service industry, Jim Brinton, Founder & CEO of Evergreen Refreshments. Brinton is a true innovator who is excited to be part of the catering community and continue growing the legacy built by the Doremus'.

We at ACT 3 are honored with the potential of serving you and welcome you to share with us our passion for delivering an elevated dining experience, while eating quality and innovative food with family and friends that feel like family! 

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