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First Look With Your Wedding Party

Traditionally, first looks are done between the soon-to-be newlyweds before the ceremony. While this tradition isn't accepted by everyone (cue in the superstitions here), those who do opt-in find that it helps to calm nerves, saves time on photos later in the day, and is a perfect moment for the couple to share between themselves.

While we love to see photos of first looks between the newlyweds, there is something special about witnessing the first look a bride has with her bridesmaids. Coordinating a first look between the bride and bridal party does take extra planning and time, but it is worth the experience. If you don't believe us, take a look at the photos that captured this bride's first look with her bridal party.

Having a first look with your bridesmaids - or the full wedding party (see below!) - can be a great substitution for those who don't want to have a first look with their future spouse but want to capture that special moment a different way.

For those who want to share a first look with the full wedding party, we say go for it! This bride coordinated a first look with the groomsmen (and the groom shared one with the bridesmaids) and the photos speak for themselves.

Thinking about coordinating a first look for your wedding day? Talk to your photographer, videographer, planner, and/or day-of-coordinator to get the ball rolling! It's important to have this discussion in advance so that it is scheduled into your timeline and your photographer and videographer have a chance to plan accordingly.

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