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6 Seattle Facts You May Not Know About

We Seattle residents are fairly confident that we know our city best despite the sudden rush of newcomers moving to the stunning Pacific Northwest. However, whether you have recently moved here or have never left, you might be astonished to learn about these Seattle fun facts—some of which might blow your mind!

  1. Rachel the Market Pig

This little piggy lives in the market...She is the fabled piggy bank from Seattle's Pike Place Market, and her name is Rachel. Share your spare change with her the next time you see her so that Seattle's Market Foundation can support local schools, senior living facilities, food banks, and even a medical clinic. Billie, Rachel's sister, resides on Western Avenue not far from the Hillclimb Walk.

2. Pink Elephants, Oh my!

Insta-what? You might be surprised to learn that the Elephant Car Wash on Denny Way is the most popular photograph shot of Seattle, despite the fact that you might believe it's the Space Needle, the Ferris Wheel, or the waterfront.


3. Catch a Wave!

We've all witnessed it at athletic events: a row of spectators raises their arms, and when others follow suit, "the Wave" is formed. Nothing brings people together more than taking part in one. Well, it was actually coined in 1981 at a UW vs. Stanford game by Robb Weller of Entertainment Tonight, a native Seattleite. It was unveiled at a Seahawks game at the King Dome a week later (RIP).

Image Source-Wikipedia Online

4. Fuel Up!

Fuel Up! Seattle was home to the country’s first gas station. Located on East Marginal Way in 1907. Now, go brag to all of your out of town friends...but not until those gas prices go down!

Image Source-wyso online

5. We're Not Sunny, But We're Not THAT Rainy

Even though Seattle has a reputation for being rainy, other cities have annual rainfall averages that surpass Seattle. We experience precipitation at a slower rate than cities like New York, Chicago, and even Houston. Ironically, Seattle residents buy more sunglasses per capita than residents of any other US city.

6. Home, Home on the Lake

Outside of Asia, Seattle has the highest concentration of houseboats. On Lake Union, there are numerous houseboats of all sizes and designs, including the well-known "Sleepless in Seattle" houseboat.

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