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52 New Year's Food Challenges (that aren't about dieting!)

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Happy New Year!

We here at Act 3 Catering believe that while it’s important to eat healthy, diets almost never stick, and you're left beating yourself up for not achieving your New Year's Resolution.

That’s why this year, we’ve come up with a weekly New Years Resolution challenge for everyone to enjoy together! Buckle up, and get ready for 2022 to be the year you challenge yourself, cook, get organized in the kitchen!

  1. Make a condiment from scratch

  2. Learn to make a perfect quiche

  3. Try a new menu item at your favorite restaurant

  4. Learn to make bread from scratch

  5. Create a new recipe

  6. Try Korean Food

  7. Try a new veggie

  8. Try a new fruit

  9. Learn to make mac n cheese from scratch ( or buy ours ;)

  10. Try a sugar alternative

  11. Learn a new food term (Follow us on instagram for Term Tuesdays)

  12. Donate to a local food pantry

  13. Learn to cook a beef wellington

  14. Master the perfect fried egg

  15. Tomato sauce from scratch

  16. Create a well stocked & organized Pantry

  17. Cook a new grain

  18. Plan your meals for a week

  19. Make Hummus from scratch

  20. Skip the coffee shop for a week and make your own