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Wedding Trends for 2023

Top 3 wedding trends you'll be seeing this wedding season

As a caterer that has been to countless weddings and events, we've seen traditions and trends come and go. From what we have seen and heard from open houses, wedding expos, planners, and other wedding vendors, these are the trends we expect to see a lot of this year!

Bring in the Late Night Snacks with your Favorite Food Truck

It's no surprise that wedding receptions often go late into the night - why would you want to end the party early? While extending the good times and celebrations is great, late night cravings tend to enter the party too especially after having a cocktail (or three) and lots of dancing.

Bringing in your favorite food truck for late night snacks is a wedding trend your guests will be thankful for. The options are endless and will definitely a memorable experience for you and your guests. ACT 3's sister company - El Koreano - is a Korean and Mexican fusion food truck serving up all sorts of goods like beef bulgogi tortas, kimchi fried rice quesadillas, and dulce de leche churros topped with crushed coco puffs (you read that right, and yes, it is delicious). They're available for late night snacks, weddings, and other event catering needs!

Mobile Bars with Beautifully Crafted Cocktails

Mobile bars have been popping up all around and we are here for it! Many of these mobile bars are refurbished campers or vans that are travel friendly, offer great handcrafted cocktails, and are an aesthetically stunning feature for any wedding.

If you're looking to hop on this wedding trend, here are some of our favorite local mobile bars: Hitched Mobile Bar based in Kitsap County, SideCar Mobile Bar based in Kitsap/Seattle area, and the Cocktail Collective based in Seattle.

photo by Jordan Voth // via @hitchedmobilebar on Instagram

Saying Goodbye to Minimalism and Welcoming Color

It's no surprise that minimalism took us all by storm - we embraced it in our homes, clothing, décor, etc. Weddings were no exception. With that being said, maximalism, especially color, is making a comeback.

We've seen pops of color in weddings through décor, tablescapes, bridesmaids/groomsmen attire, and florals. If you're looking for a wedding trend that is fun, bright, whimsical, and refreshing we recommend embracing color!

Working closely with your planner and/or florist is a great way to decide how to incorporate color throughout your venue in a cohesive way. Florists around the sound that we've seen embrace the whimsical and colorful look are Krista of Little Joy Fleurs, Sam of Moonflower Design Co, and Bobbie and Michael of BAHTOH.

While following wedding trends is fun and a great way to gain inspiration for your own special day...

It's important to remember that this is YOUR DAY! Do what makes you and your significant other happy and don't feel obligated to implement trends just because they are trending. If something trendy catches your eye and makes you excited, go for it! But don't feel inclined to follow every trend setting idea. Do what makes you happy.

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