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How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in a New Way

Have a hassle-free, affordable, and fun date night with a three course meal in the comfort of your home

Valentine’s Day celebrations can be stressful and a little pricey – but they don’t have to be! Skip out on making last-minute reservations, waiting for a table, and crowded restaurants by having your own romantic dinner at home. Our Valentine's Day Dinner package is a three-course meal made to order - all you have to do is pick it up!

How It Works

If you haven’t already, you can view the Valentine's Day Dinner menu HERE. Make your choice of two main entrées and place your order via email or phone with one of our coordinators. Once your order is placed, your coordinator will send you a payment link and a confirmation email of your order which will include your pick up details. Pick ups will be made on Tuesday 14th between 4pm and 7pm - please choose a time that works best for you so we can schedule your order and pickup accordingly.

Extra Steps (optional, but encouraged)

Now that you’ve skipped past all the typical, stressful Valentine's Day obstacles it’s time to have fun!

We recommend the following for the ultimate date night:

  • Make a playlist full of your favorite songs you and your date can cook, dance, and sing to.

  • Remove all distractions for quality time together (turn off that TV and set your phone on DND).

  • Get creative with your tablescape! Bring out your nice dishes, light some candles, add floral accents, etc. Having a decorative tablescape is a simple way to elevate any at-home meal.

  • Change up your topic of conversation and get to know each other again. You can find conversation prompts online or play one of the card sets from We're Not Really Strangers to kick things off.

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