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7 Late Night-Snacks Perfect For Your Wedding

Keep the good times going with these late-night snacks

When people think of weddings, there are a few things that come to mind; the ceremony (of course), spending time with all your loved ones, eating delicious food, and dancing the night away. It's a time of celebrating and often times, those celebrations run late into the night and can be hours after dinner service has concluded. If this is the case for your wedding, it's a great idea to offer your guests a late-night snack option to keep the energy going strong. If you're looking for some inspiration, we've compiled a list of seven late-night snacks that are perfect for any wedding.

1 | Pizza

You truly cannot go wrong with pizza. It's the perfect food for every occasion! Not to mention, there are so many options for this. Whether you get some pies from your favorite chain, local pizza shop, or find a pizza food truck that makes them hot and fresh on the spot, this is great option.

margherita pizza

2 | Sliders

What's better than a burger? A mini burger. There's just something about mini versions

of food that hit different! Sliders are a no exception here. This is a super simple and easy snack for your guests to enjoy and can be passed or stationed.

3 | Soft Pretzels

Do I even need to explain? No, but I will anyway. If your guests love to dance, this is the snack for them! They can hold the pretzel in one hand, and fist pump with the other. If you really want to make things fancy, you can offer multiple dipping options like beer cheese, spicy brown mustard, spinach and artichoke dip, etc.

4 | French Fries

French fries - arguably everyone's favorite version of the potato - are a sure way to give your guests that boost of energy they need late at night. If you want to be a little extra, you can set up a fry station for your guests to build out their basket of loaded fries.

5 | Mashed Potato Bar

Continuing on the potato train, we have the mashed potato bar. Said to originate in the 90s, this is such a fun treat for all guests to enjoy. Some couples will serve these in martini glasses but anything works! As long as there are lots of toppings to choose from, this late-night snack will be a huge hit.

6 | Nachos

Nachos are a no-brainer. Whether you like to dress them up cheese, meat, salsa, and jalapeños or keep it simple, there no wrong way to enjoy this snack.

plate of nachos

7 | Your Favorite Fast Food Chain or Food Truck

Do you and your partner have a shared love over a particular chain or food truck? Invite them to your wedding! Majority of places - especially food trucks - offer catering and late-night snacks specifically. We recommend asking your venue if they allow food trucks or outside catering beforehand.

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