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6 Fabulous Wedding DIY's

It's that time of year, Wedding Season! And we're definitely feeling it over here at ACT 3 Catering- it's been busy here in the Pacific Northwest of course! With weddings on our minds, we thought it only made sense to share some of our favorite Wedding DIY's that are both easy and elegant.

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Here are our Top 6 Wedding DIY Picks

  1. Selfie Station

How cute is this? Simply put a couple of polaroid cameras out and let your guests hang selfies from your special day. The perfect addition to your Wedding Day Album!

2. Dart Art Created By Your Wedding Party!

Create stunning abstract art you can hang at home from your special day! Simply fill balloons with paint colors of your liking and let your wedding guests do the rest! Viola- a beautiful canvas to remind you of your love for years to come.

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3. It's all About Perspective.

Capture your special day by having your cutest guests hold up a frame for your photo!

4. Polaroid Photo Opp!

Get share-worthy pics of your party guests with this oversized photo stand! Easy to make, and fun for everyone.

Image Source: weddingvenuesuk

5. Hats for a Warm-Weathered or Tropical Day

Keep the sun out of your guests' eyes with a "hat bar"! Not only is this idea fun and easy, but it makes for really fun wedding party photos later!

Image Source: lapis de noiva

6. Solar Powered Lantern "Ceiling"

This Ikea hack is worth every penny! These beautiful white solar-powered lanterns can look obsolete in your home, but they seriously take the cake when it comes to wedding ambience!

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Ready to plan your special day? We've got you covered here at ACT 3 Catering! Contact one of our Wedding Coordinators to get started!


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