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Eating Seasonally 101

Wondering what menu you should serve at your wedding or your special event?

Food choices can seem endless these days. Caterers have the access (and talent) to provide long lists of delicious sounding entrees, appetizers, and side dishes - it can feel overwhelming and even sometimes confusing (what is a blanquette de veau anyways?). The food industry transports vegetables, produce, and meats over long distances regardless of the season, which has allowed caterers to provide endless choices no matter what time of the year. Ultimately, our modern lifestyle of convenience has allowed us to lose touch with basic food knowledge, such as what fruits and vegetables are actually in season and when. WA Seasonal Produce PDF For better tasting, more affordable, nutrient-dense foods choosing to eat seasonally is your best bet and here is why:

1. It tastes so much better.

Have you ever noticed the flavor of a freshly picked strawberry from the garden vs. ones you buy from the supermarket in the winter?

Mass-produced produce intended to meet global demand tends to suffer from a lack of flavor.

Choosing to enjoy a wild field greens salad with fresh strawberries in the summer months will have so much more flavor than it will in the winter months.

Not to mention, strawberries in the summer months are most likely coming from local farms or nearby places giving you even more of a reason to choose seasonally. Buying local food helps support your local farmers.

Allow your caterer to create mouth-watering dishes packed full of flavour without breaking the bank!

2. It’s easier on the wallet.

Choosing out of season produce, or even entrees like salmon will almost always include a higher price tag. Quality caterers will quote these prices up-front, but oftentimes consumers are left sticker shocked and wondering as to why the increased price.

Outsourcing out-of-season foods are challenging as is, and most times caterers are left with the last pick after restaurants and resorts. This means out of season foods for your event are often hard to come by and have a higher chance of mediocre quality.

When you choose an in-season menu, you are getting flavorful, high quality foods for a reasonable price!

3. It allows for so much creativity and fun new dishes.

How many events have you been to that have the same chicken entrée, same mashed potatoes, and same house salad? I’m assuming your answer is several.

Instead of following in those footsteps of the same catered dinners – allow your catering chef to create fun new seasonal dishes that will WOW you and your guests! Use the season and the chef’s talents to your advantage. Custom menus will always leave a lasting impression!

So whether your event lands in the heart of the summer or dead of winter, there’s a seasonal menu to fit your taste, style and budget.

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