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Plan the Perfect Fall Wedding

While summer weddings are traditionally more popular, we absolutely love a fall wedding. Here in the PNW, it’s a time where trees begin changing colors, leaves begin to fall, the air turns crisp and cool, and everyone begins transitioning into the cozy lifestyle. If love you love fall and are thinking about planning a fall wedding, here are some ways easy and timeless fall inspired ideas to incorporate into your wedding.

Embrace autumnal colors

Incorporating autumnal colors in your wedding décor is such an easy way to create the perfect fall vibes. Whether you want something moody or bright, you can easily achieve this through your color choices. Don't think you like fall colors? Don't be fooled! It's not just all oranges and browns, you can create the perfect fall inspired color scheme through deep purples, greens, blues, and earthy/natural colors too. Here is a collection of color palettes that we think are a great place to start when searching for inspiration.

Incorporate dried flowers and preserved grasses into your wedding florals

Don’t underestimate the power of dried flowers! There is such a wide variety of them (it’s not just pampas and wheat!) so you can easily find options that fit into your theme and vision.

Have fun pairing textures!

Don’t be afraid to mix and match textures! It’s a fun and easy way to elevate any event. At our recent open house, we decorated our tables with a mixture of textures as seen with the satin and embellished linens, velvet and satin napkins, rattan chargers, and floral arrangements composed of fresh and dried flowers. The overall look and aesthetic definitely brought the perfect fall wedding vibes.

Curate a menu featuring fall flavors

Fall is a great time for produce. Ask your caterer if they offer seasonal menus or dishes that highlight produce and flavors of fall. If you're working with an ACT 3 wedding coordinator, you can request our fall welcome packet or browse through it online on the fall menu page.

Looking to begin planning the wedding of your dreams? Let us help! Our wedding coordinators are ready to help you bring your vision to life. Contact us today and we will get back to you with a personalized, free quote.

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