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Michael Shin

Michael Shin

Position: Executive Chef 

Alma Matter and/or Area of Study: Culinary Arts 

Special Skills/Areas of Expertise: Asian Fusion Cuisine 

Industry Background: I started at the Repp in Snoqualmie and worked my way up from a pantry chef to a grill cook. Ever since I worked at many different restaurants then started my own catering company which brought me into the catering world. Then I ran my business while working at other catering companies and banquets which brought me to ACT 3. 

1-2 Achievements: Worked my way up from a pantry chef to an Executive Chef. Had a successful business for five years. 

Personal Mission Statement or Motto: Food is love made visible.

Born & Raised: Born in Seattle, WA; lived in Seoul, South Korea for ten years, then moved back to Seattle 

Enneagram: Type 9, Wing 8 (“The Advisor”)  

Zodiac Sign: Pisces 

Favorite Core Value: Honesty 

Favorite Act 3 Dish: All of them 

Favorite Hobbies/Pastimes: watching movies playing video games 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect!

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