Mao Oizumi

Mao Oizumi



Position: Event Coordinator 


Alma Matter and/or Area of Study: Central Washington University: Hospitality, Tourism & Events (Event Management Specialization). In addition, a BA in Music.  

Special Skills/Areas of Expertise: Event Planning, Classical Music/Playing Flute, and Photography 

Industry Background: Started at a local restaurant in High School then worked for Argosy Cruises in Seattle during the summers through college. 

1-2 Achievements: Two undergraduate degrees and a minor in 4 years. 

Started a photography business. 

Personal Mission Statement or Motto: To help clients celebrate their special day by providing the best service and experience possible when working with a caterer.

Born & Raised: Puyallup, WA 

Zodiac Sign: Taurus 

Enneagram: Type 2, Wing 3 

Favorite Core Value: Family 

Favorite ACT 3 Dish: Chef’s Baked Swiss Mac n Cheese 

Pets: None ☹ 

Hobbies: Photography and music 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.