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Mao Oizumi

Mao Oizumi



Position: Wedding Coordinator 


Alma Matter and/or Area of Study: Central Washington University: Hospitality, Tourism & Events (Event Management Specialization). In addition, a BA in Music.  

Special Skills/Areas of Expertise: Event planning, interpersonal communication, customer service

Industry Background: I began working in Seattle in the hospitality industry every summer while in college, and decided to pursue a degree in the Events industry! After graduating, I began at ACT 3 Catering and have since gone on to do wedding coordinating, day of coordination, and some photography as well. I love all things wedding industry! I am also the Director of Marketing and Communications for the Wedding International Professionals Association (WIPA)- Seattle Chapter. 

Personal Mission Statement or Motto: Treat People With Kindness (shout out to any Harry Styles lovers)!

Born & Raised: Puyallup, WA 

Zodiac Sign: Taurus 

Enneagram: Type 2, Wing 3 

Favorite Core Value: Family 

Favorite ACT 3 Dish: Chef’s Baked Swiss Mac n Cheese 

Pets: None ☹ 

Hobbies: Photography, attending concerts, and going to the gym!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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